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We are looking for partners and investors interested in the design, development and market of a transmitter prototype for locating containers lost at sea.

Although statistics are few and out of date, there has been an increase in containers lost at sea related incidents during transport as well as an increase in collision accidents with other vessels with these containers and also the drift and grounding of these containers on the coast.

These incidents and accidents endanger not only human life but also the marine environment, as well as the resulting economic impact.

Depending onis type and cargo a container may take up to 150 days to sink. During this period it is a danger to navigation due to the difficulty of viewing and tracking by radar or any other onboard electronic equipment.

After this period and after sinking also, depending on it's load, it most certaintly have a negative impact on the marine environment.

According to the latest statistics, around 500 million containers are transported annually by sea.

With the increase in worldwide maritime traffic and increasingly strong storms, the risk increases.

Although measures have been taken to reduce the fall of containers at sea, these measures are preventive.

Installing a sensor in each container that would allow it to be electronically located should it fall overboard would not only reduce the risk of collision with nearby vessels, but would also facilitate recovery operations.

Although this type of risk is currently covered by insurance, recent incidents have drawn international authorities' attention to the danger and difficulty in their detection and recovery.

Creating a working prototype will be a major competitive advantage and business opportunity in the near future as it will respond to an increasingly real legal requirement for detection and recovery capability.





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