Boat Owners have Safety as a Top-of-Mind Concern

Since day one boat owners have to deal with maintenance and care activities in order to keep their loved asset safe and ready to use.

Individual boat owners have limited time for their boats and in most of the cases don't require a full time service to assist in the maintenance and care of their boats while in their marina berths.

However they are well aware of the consequences associated with poor maintenance and care like electrical issues that can lead to battery failure, equipment failure or even fire and water taking issues that can lead to structural damages or even sinking.

A solution that improves the boat watch keeping without the need to go to the boat is a must have tool for the limited in time but careful boat owner.



Become a dealer of a state-of-the-art safety surveillance solution for your customers boat

SENSE4BOAT provides, an inexpensive, state-of-the-art and easy to install IoT (Internet of Things) sensors technology, to remotely keep and eye and avoid the most common issues (electrical, fire and water) in a moored boat.

As a boat chandler having SENSE4BOAT in your products catalog you will have the opportunity not only to offer to your customers a solution that will reduce the time they will need to spend maintaining and caring their boats and reduce the response time in case of a failure, but also a new source of revenues  based on sensors and subscription services sale.


Request a Demo

TradeWinds and Marina Cloud will be glad present you a cost-benefit case study of the SENSE4BOAT solution.




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